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♥ Friday, January 23, 2009
Asia Cafe Night [Fresh Fruit?]

Blah blah blah...just another boring day. Just before my movie about to start,chew sms-ed ask me to go AC yam cha with Kian Hui and Tall-freak jeremy. Arrived around 10.30 i think,first we went to snow flakes where Chew wanted order some icy cool food/drink but in the end he tapao it becoz of me xD (i dun lyk)
After that, we went AC for dinner/supper.Something hilarious happenned. A waiter who was selling 'FRESH FRUIT' was shouting "Fish Food". I think he wore number 38.xD

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♥ Thursday, January 22, 2009

Woowww...is 5.24am now!! A few hrs ago,i went to ss15 FTZ (cyber cafe) with my neighbour to have some DotA game which i say ruin people's life = ="
However,i came back home with dissapointment caused by 2 lost match..besides that,it cost me rm 7.50...dammmm...

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Say No To Dota!

Dota Dota Dota...Creator Guinsoo/Icefrog.

Lets see,Should we give them credit for creating DotA?

sometimes dota seriously ruins people's life,althought i play..but i seriously hate it!

Every game take roughly about 1 hours.Dun u think is a waste of time? ><

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Life Getting heat up and Cool down!!

After life of a form 5 student, life getting even boring and even fun!

Miss the old class 5 Fasih!! There is many different kind of ppl in it!!
Seee....this is what a good class looks like xD

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